IRTG CoCo Summer School 2017

2nd CoCo Summer School:  "Ultracold few- and many-body systems: Cold on quantum's trail."

August 6th - August 11th 2017, Quest University, Squamish Canada

The successful concept of our last year’s summer school will be continued in the 2nd IRTG CoCo summer school “Ultracold few- and many-body systems: Cold on quantum’s trail”. We again have been able to recruit distinguished speakers that cover various research fields. The lectures will cover scientific questions in the vicinity of the IRTG ranging from electronic excitations in condensed matter, over cooled molecular ions and atom ion interactions, molecules under defined conditions to quantum information.  Maximal control is the connection between these topics which is provided by cold environments. The lectures will bring together experimental and theoretical researchers working in the field and are devoted to the people doing the real work: graduate and doctoral students as well as young post-docs.



1st IRTG Summer school 2016 in Mittelwihr, France

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