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Completed Doctoral Theses



Oliver Stauffert
Electron-phonon coupling with density functional theory
Reyhaneh Ghassemizadeh
Ab initio study on molecular charge transport and conformational analysis of organic molecules
Jonas Grzesiak
Electronic-state-controlled Penning ionization of magneto-optically trapped lithium atoms



Rodrigo Alejandro Vargas-Hernàndez
Applications of machine learning for solving complex quantum problems
John Sous
Peierls bipolarons and localization in solid-state and molecular systems
Sebastian Fuchs
Control of disperson interactions of atoms near surfaces

Tobias Brünner
Signatures of partial distinguishability in the dynamics of interacting bosons

Gene Polovy
Optical Synthesis and Ultracold Reactions oft Triplet 6Li Molecules

Julian Schmidt
Optical trapping of ion Coulomb Crystals

Sharareh Izadnia
Fluorescence lifetime reduction mechanisms of organic complexes studied by cluster isolation spectroscopy

Pablo Barcellona
Photon-mediated interactions in macroscopique environments



Markus Schulz-Weiling
Ultracold molecular plasma

Johannes von Vangerow
Femtosecond time-resolved photoion and photoelectron imaging spectroscopy of doped helium nanodroplets

Juliane Klatt
The Casimir-Polder effect and quantum friction across timescales

Lukas Bruder
Nonlinear phase-modulated spectroscopy of doped helium droplet beams and dilute gases

Alexander Lambrecht
Optical ion trapping with regard to ultracold atom-ion experiments



Martin Bitter
Quantum coherent control of laser-kicked molecular rotors

Hossein Sadgehi Esfahani
Strongly correlated ultracold plasma
Control of molecular rotation with an optical centrifuge
Photoassociation and Feshbach Resonance Studies in Ultra-Cold Gases of 6Li and Rb Atoms