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Ultra-fast Dynamics and Quantum Control in Complex Systems

B1. Electronic and Vibrational Relaxation Dynamics and Energy Transfer

  • Femtosecond time resolved photoelectron and photoion spectroscopy of metal doped Helium Nanodroplets
  • Interaction between molecules in a Cold Ensemble Matrix
  • Time-resolved imaging of the dynamics of free metal clusters
  • Electronic structure and dynamics of organic dye clusters
  • Development of a software based lock-in amplifier for a coherent spectroscopy setup
  • Attosecond spectroscopy on molecules
  • Interatomic Coulombic decay and Auger decay in complex environments

B2. Controlled Energy Transport in Cold Ensembles

  • Collective effects in dilute thermal atomic gases 
  • Theory and simulation of thermalization in closed quantum systems
  • Rotational wave packet dynamics in structured environments


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