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In order to investigate and understand the physics and chemistry of processes in the real world, a fundamental understanding of atoms and molecules and their interplay with other particles or ensembles and with radiation fields is required. This understanding needs a description in the framework of quantum mechanics, and in order to apprehend, extract and study the quantum behavior, well defined, quantum state selected, isolated atomic and molecular systems are needed. Cold, controlled ensembles satisfy this need, and in the ultra-cold regime the wave-like quantum behavior even dominates the properties of the system and related processes. Based on the variety of activities of the contributing groups, the following topics will constitute the focus of the IRTG:

A. Atomic and Molecular Interactions and Cold Chemistry

B. Ultra-fast Dynamics and Quantum Control in Complex Systems

The emphasis in the first topic will be on studying the fundamental interactions and collision dynamics between atoms and molecules with other particles and with surfaces. This study will include neutral particles as well as isolated ions and plasma ensembles – including both few and many-body phenomena. We will utilize capabilities at UBC and UF for the production of both cold and ultra-cold (and quantum degenerate) ensembles. The emphasis in the second topic will be on studying the control of energy transfer and/or quasi-particle transport and will include investigations of, for example, relaxation phenomena and the transport of excitons in molecular ensembles. Research projects within this topic will, for example, involve the study of two-body quantum correlations in degenerate ensembles.

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