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08.12.20 - IRTG Seminar: Philipp Preiss "Zooming in on Ultracold Few-Fermion Systems"

Philipp Preiss, Physics Institute, Heidelberg University
When Dec 08, 2020
from 06:00 PM to 07:00 PM
Where Webinar via zoom
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Contact Phone 97666
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Zooming in on Ultracold Few-Fermion Systems


Experiments with ultracold atoms leverage the precision of atomic physics
to probe many-body phenomena with remarkable levels of microscopic control.
In this talk I will discuss the emergence of collective modes from single-
particle excitations for strongly interacting fermions. We experimentally ob-
serve the \birth" of such an excitation in an ultracold few-body system. Starting
from a deterministically prepared two-dimensional sample in its ground state,
we perform many-body spectroscopy through a modulation of the interaction
strength. We nd excitations consisting of pairwise excitations akin to Cooper
pairs, which we identify as the precursor of the Higgs amplitude mode in a
two-dimensional Fermi gas. This experiment reveals the ngerprint of fermionic
uidity in the discrete excitation spectrum of a few-body system.
In the future, I will develop new quantum simulation platforms to address
questions arising at the intersection of condensed matter physics and quantum
information science. Using individually laser-cooled ultracold atoms, we will
assemble tailor-made systems from their constituents and study, for example,
the dynamics of entanglement and random unitary evolution in Hubbard models.
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